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Pennsylvania Coal Alliance Recognizes Mining Companies for Environmental Stewardship


April 21, 2017 - In honor of Earth Day this year, the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance is recognizing mining companies for their remarkable contributions to environmental stewardship through abandoned mine land reclamation in Pennsylvania.

In 2016, nearly 240 acres of abandoned mine land was reclaimed, with a taxpayer benefit of $10.9 million. Today there are an additional 1,582 acres of active reclamation projects in Pennsylvania, with a taxpayer benefit of over $70 million. Of those, 440 acres are anticipated to be completed in 2017.

Pennsylvania’s surface and underground coal mining companies pay a tax on the tonnage of clean coal mined, which is dedicated to funding the restoration of abandoned mines that were left without adequate reclamation prior to 1977.

Future planned reclamation projects in Pennsylvania will reclaim over 2,200 acres of abandoned mine land resulting in a $101 million dollar benefit to the Pennsylvania taxpayers.

Nationally, according to the National Mining Association, the U.S. mining industry has paid more than $10 billion to restore mines that were abandoned prior to laws requiring their restoration, and U.S. mining companies have restored more than 2.9 million acres of mined land.

Pennsylvania mining companies, which last year ranked third in the nation for coal production, fully employ environmentally responsible and safe mining practices and demonstrate a continued dedication to preserving and enhancing Pennsylvania’s environment for future generations.