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JENNMAR and Murray Energy Ink Life Cycle Management Approach



September 8, 2017 - JENNMAR and Murray Energy sat down for what was going to be a simple pricing review nine months ago. The proposed one hour meeting lasted nearly three hours as Andy Mistak, Executive Director of Procurement for Murray Energy, offered his idea of how a new partnership between the two companies could work. Mistak wanted Mr. Murray’s principles of cost efficient mining and safety to be the precedent of the deal. The details of the actual agreement are confidential as both companies are privately held, but key to the discussions were cost saving initiatives and engineering. Keystone Mining Services (KMS) will offer help as needed on new products and mine design.


Both companies share similar principles and will work hand-in-hand to lower mining costs and drive product enhancements. The agreement encompasses the full suite of products proposed by JENNMAR including steel ground support, chemical ground support, ventilation, drilling and cutting tools, contract labor and belt service. The JENNMAR companies participating in the agreement include JENNMAR, Compliance Staffing Agency (CSA), JENNMAR Sanshell, JENNMAR McSweeney and International Conveyor and Rubber (ICR).


Mr. Murray and Mr. Calandra have been doing business for more than 34 years on hand shakes and promises. Both have never let the other down and have fed off each other’s enthusiasm for the coal industry. Many of JENNMAR’s new products sold in the domestic ground support industry have been developed and perfected in Murray Energy’s mines, always with the goal of enhancing safety and productivity.


The LCM (Life Cycle Management) approach will leverage their shared principles and help add structure and discipline to Murray’s procurement. Quarterly meetings between both companies will be held to monitor safety spend, engineering, and technical support. Both companies understand the importance of working together and look forward to the next three years. 


Bob Murray and Frank Calandra, Jr.


L-R: Tony Calandra, Frank Calandra, Jr., Casey Dubiel, (Director of Purchasing Administration, Murray Energy), Andy Mistak


L-R: Tony Calandra (EVP, FCI, Inc.), Rob Moore (EVP & COO, Murray Energy), Bob Murray (CEO, Murray Energy), Frank Calandra, Jr. (President, FCI, Inc.), John Stankus, (President, KMS) Andy Mistak (Executive Director of Procurement, Murray Energy), Jeff Roe (Director of Materials Management, Murray Energy)