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GFS Corp Announces the Development of a New Liquid Natural Gas Mine Haul Truck Conversion System for the Terex Unit Rig 4400 Model Haul Truck



November 8, 2017 - The EVO-MT® System is an integrated system consisting of onboard fuel storage and vaporization in addition to controls and safety systems that allow the truck to operate on a combination of LNG and diesel fuel, or NG+D® operation, as the company refers to it. The EVO-MT® 4400 system will provide 259 usable US gallons of onboard liquid natural gas storage, enough to complete a 12 hour shift.

GFS Corp currently offers retrofit systems for Caterpillar 777B, C and D, 785B, C and D, 793B, C and D trucks and 992G and K wheel loaders, as well as Komatsu 830DC, AC and 930E trucks. To date, the various EVO-MT® Systems have successfully logged well over 400,000 hours in actual mining operations in environments with temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to above 100 degrees F.

“We are excited to add the Terex Unit Rig 4400 haul truck to our EVO-MT product lineup, said Jason Green, GFS Corp’s President and Chief Technology Officer. “This newly developed system expands on the growing list of mine equipment that can be converted to LNG using our NG+D® technology.”

GFS Corp designs, manufactures and sells proprietary solutions that enable high horsepower, heavy-duty diesel engines to operate on natural gas in combination with diesel fuel. The company’s primary focus is providing fully integrated alternative fuel solutions for the mining, construction, stationary power and rail markets.