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Virginia Coal Mining Certification Exams To Be Electronic In 2018



By Tyler Barker

November 14, 2017 - The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) will only offer electronic coal mine certification exams beginning January 2018. The agency will no longer offer paper exams. Applications and payment for exams will also be taken online via the DMME website.

DMME’s Division of Mines oversees certifications of Virginia’s coal miners. Electronic exams will speed the administrative processes associated with managing certification records. Those taking electronic exams will receive their grades immediately after completion.

DMME instructors will provide i-Pads to miners taking exams. Other approved testing sites will have computers available to use to complete the exam. The agency began offering electronic exams for some coal mining certifications in 2016. “We have had a successful year of testing our electronic exam system,” said Virginia Mine Chief Randy Moore. “Of course we will offer assistance to those not familiar with i-Pads or computers to ensure they can complete the exam.”

Applications for exams must be submitted on-line at least five days before the day of the exam.


Applicants must provide a driver’s license or employee identification at the testing site before taking the scheduled exam. For more information on coal mine safety in Virginia, visit