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Massive Sale of Underground Mining Machinery Will Provide Lower Cost Per Ton



February 9, 2018 - A massive sale of used underground mining machinery is taking place to make available quality equipment at a very reasonable price. As optimism in the coal industry increases, there is an excellent opportunity to purchase equipment at a highly competitive price thus making possible a lower cost per ton and providing advantages over competitors.

The range of continuous mining equipment includes: 1- Joy 14CM10AA miner; 5 - Fairchild Continuous Miners; and 5 - Fairchild Continuous Haulage Systems.  There is 1 - Fairchild 35C-WH Ground Based Battery System and 10 - Fairchild On Board Battery Systems.

Roof bolters are available too. The range includes 1 - Fletcher LTDO-13-B, C-F Low Profile Single Boom Bolter; 1 - Fletcher Roof Ranger ll Twin Boom (Crawler) Bolter 13-B, C-F Low Profile; and 3 - Fletcher Roof Ranger ll Twin Boom Bolter (Rubber Tire) B, C-F Low Profile.

Other equipment includes: 1 - A.L. Lee Mini-Mac Scoop 30HP; and 2 - Cogar Feeder Breakers CFB50C15A1HDH. Belt conveyor equipment includes: 26 - Double Drive 36” Gear Driven Belt Drives; and 3 - Fairchild Double Drive 36” Lo-Lo Drives 75 HP.

The range of vehicles includes: 2 - J.B. Long Rock Dusters and 17 - J.B. Long Inspector’s Friends. There are 5 - Damascus Man Trip Transporters. Electrical equipment includes 4 - Line Power 750 KVA Power Centers.

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