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HELP - Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary



November 5, 2018 - Things continue to be difficult for a number of coalfield families this Christmas season and the wonderful ladies of the Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary are doing everything they can to help these families have as good a holiday as possible through their “Giving Hearts” Program.  Their program provides toys, new clothes and food to the less fortunate in schools, housing projects, churches and deployed military families.  Last year, the Ladies were able to provide a bountiful Christmas to more than 300 individuals in 60 families who were in dire need and were most appreciative.  As the need seems to continue to grow, this year, they are anticipating having to take care of 80 families that will require at least $32,000.  To do all they do for only $400 per family is unbelievable, but they have their ways of making it work as they do all kinds of things to limit their expenses for this Christmas effort by working with other organizations throughout the year in order to get as many new toys, food, clothes, and other items donated as possible. 

As I’ve said many times, “These ladies are remarkable," said Bill Raney, President of the West Virginia Coal Association. "The tremendous job they do to make sure people are provided for...that’s just representative of our coal industry. They “NEVER QUIT” working on our industry’s behalf with well-known agencies to identify the families and to verify their needs as well as the needs of those families whose breadwinner is deployed on active military duty and away from home."  Despite their great effort to limit the cost per family, the program still requires additional money and the Ladies are in desperate need of financial assistance in order to properly carry out their industry mission for these families.  "I hope you’ll  consider a contribution to help the Ladies show everyone that COAL continues to CARE through their worthwhile “Giving Hearts” Program.  While $400 takes care of one family, any amount will be most appreciated," said Raney.

The Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization to which personal and corporate checks can be written and mailed to P.O. Box 1109, Beckley, WV 25802.  Contributions can also be made by clicking the “DONATE” button on their webpage,,  where more details of their activities are described.  Regina Fairchild, Chairwoman of the Ladies Auxiliary asks that you contact her at or 304-673-2995 if you have questions or need more information.