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Hurricane Alarm Definitively Debunked



By Craig Rucker

July 2, 2019 - Al Gore infamously posed in front of a picture of a hurricane to gin up interest in his movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Left unsaid was the fact that hurricane activity in recent years is historically normal, and even by some measures has been a trifle tame.

Attributing natural weather, extreme or otherwise, to climate change is one of the worst transgressions global warming campaigners routinely indulge in against factual accuracy and scientific understanding.

Joe Bastardi is one of this world's top meteorologists.  He's the guy who correctly forecast early that Hurricane Sandy was on track for New York City.  Local officials should have listened.

Bastardi posted a massive trove of hurricane history to You should check it out and keep it at the ready the next time someone on the Left cries hurricane "wolf."

The global warming crowd expects our memories to run back about a day and a half.  This infuriates those with deep academic knowledge of the weather, as well as those of us who lived through some of these events ourselves.

Hurricane season is here.  The next time some propagandist tries to convince you that nature's fury could have been abated through Green subsidies and wealth redistribution, refer to Joe Bastardi's hurricane history and knock them back with the facts.