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Global Warming Science Primer



By Craig Rucker

September 3, 2020 - "If climate scientists used a simpler vocabulary when explaining to the public about adding carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere, they would have a harder time scaring them."

That's the intro to an extensive overview of global warming theory Dr. Jay Lehr and author Terigi Ciccone posted to

The main part of the science is pretty clear.  The Earth's atmosphere traps heat, producing what is known as the "greenhouse effect."


A simplified global warming tutorial: Who are we kidding? Judy Collins was right 7

It's a good thing too.  As CFACT's contributors explain, "without it, the Earth would be 86 degrees F colder and a lifeless ice ball."

But just how sensitive is Earth's temperature to CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gases, what is the human impact, and what other factors drive that temperature?

These are just some of the rubs.

Not many people are aware that the entire global warming scare is based on climate computer models.  Those climate simulations have consistently projected a warmer temperature than actual measured observations have shown.  They are also either poor at factoring in natural factors that drive the temperature or fail to do so altogether.

Global warming campaigners and the industrialists cashing in on the craze don't like it when we look too closely at the climate models.  However, the unbelievably vast spending they seek, along with the severe curtailment of individual choice and freedom they have in store for us, demand careful critical examination before we can even begin to consider to acquiesce.

Team warming wants us baffled.  Don't oblige them.

Read through Lehr and Ciccone's global warming primer and come to this vital discussion armed with the facts.