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Can One Technology Partner Connect All Parts Of Your Mine?




Already in a highly competitive landscape, mines face enormous challenges:

volatile fuel and commodity prices; pressure to be safer and more sustainable;

and greater scrutiny by authorities, shareholders and the public.

Digital transformation is widely accepted as the answer to many of these challenges.

But digital transformation demands more than niche technology and partial solutions

provided by multiple vendors. This is where one technology partner, capable of

connecting all parts of a mine, becomes powerful.

El poder de una mina conectada de forma autónoma


A holistic approach, converging data sources across the mining value chain, is

essential. A life-of-mine smart solution connecting sensors and software, infield apps

and cloudware makes this possible.

Connecting the mine to the boardroom via an onboard ecosystem comprising a

smart computer, antenna and display, Hexagon’s Power of One solution offers

the scalable, platform-agnostic answer to challenges previously addressed by

point solutions and multiple vendors.

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