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Epiroc Launches Powerbit X - A New Drill Bit Protected by Diamonds

May 13, 2022Epiroc has pioneered the world of hard materials for drilling many times. Now we are introducing Powerbit X with diamond-protected buttons, which can significantly prolong the replacement intervals. Less exposure to danger for operators, more uptime and lower CO2 emissions are some of the benefits.


Fewer drill bit changes improve safety

The less time an operator spends on changing drill bits, the better. Every avoided bit change eliminates the risk of slipping and falling and prevents injured backs, hands and fingers as well as increase the drilling time.


Powerbit X is a game-changer when it comes to safety. The diamond-protected buttons gives the drill bits substantially longer service life than those with standard buttons as well as maximizes the drilling time, which means fewer changes, higher productivity and less exposure to danger for operators” says Goran Popovski, President of the Tools & Attachments division at Epiroc.


Boost productivity by drilling without interruption

Powerbit X realizes the full potential of remotely and automatically controlled drilling. The long drill bit life means that it is possible to drill in auto mode over lunch breaks, shift changes and blast ventilation cycles.


An operator can complete a single hole with only one drill bit. The alternative with in-hole bit replacements is time-consuming and quickly adds substantial productivity losses. It is possible to save hundreds of hours by changing to this new technology using buttons protected by diamonds” says Jonas Falkeström, Strategic Business Development Manager


Use diamonds to cut CO2 emissions

The extremely hard surface of Powerbit X makes it possible to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions per drilled meter – by up to 90% compared to standard drill bits. The long bit life of Powerbit X means that less energy and resources are consumed. A reduced need for drill bits in the mining operation also leads to fewer transports – on the way to the mine and in the mine.


Avoid regrinding

Regrinding involves a lot of logistics, and operating a grinding machine is tough work. Using Powerbit X means that the drill bits will last significantly longer and need no regrinding. When a Powerbit X drill bit is finally worn out, it is time for recycling, not regrinding.


Get a consistent result

Constant hole diameter is essential for efficient and even blasting. When using a traditional drill bit, the diameter gets reduced over time, leading to smaller and smaller holes. With Powerbit X, the diamond-protected buttons keep their shape throughout the lifetime of the bit. The fact that the holes are of the same size every time improves both the blasting quality and the life of the drilling equipment.


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