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Drager Canada and Focus FS Announced a Multi-Year Partnership with Ontario Mine Rescue (OMR) in Mine Rescue Safety Innovation



June 13, 2022 - Drager Canada and Focus FS announced a multi-year partnership with Ontario Mine Rescue (OMR) in mine rescue safety innovation.

They will deploy the Focus FS Emergency Response software at over 30 operating mining sites across Ontario, providing each mine with rescue technology.



Photo Credit: Ontario Mine Rescue

Focus FS software replaces traditional methods with digital communication and reporting tools used by rescue teams and surface personnel during active emergencies, training, and ongoing improvement. The software was developed in partnership with industry led by OMR.

“Our highest priority is the safety of those mine rescue responders we are sending back into the hazardous conditions of a mine emergency,” said Ted Hanley, Vice-President, Ontario Mine Rescue. “The mine rescue communications platform provided by Focus FS will be used as a critical tool to ensure timely, accurate information is relayed and available to mine rescue teams and mine management – ensuring they make the safest decisions possible in the shortest amount of time.”