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Your Invitation to MINEX Europe'22 Forum


Your invitation to MINEX Europe'22 Forum

The First International Mining Event organised in Albania


5 - 7 July 2022, Tirana

MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum

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What to expect?

MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum

On 5 and 6 July you will be able to participate in the content-rich programme of keynote presentations, panel discussions and networking events.


An onsite exhibition organised alongside the Forum will offer opportunities for presenting products and services to local mining communities.


On 7 July you will be able to visit local operating mines and discuss business opportunities.

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Mine visits


On 7 July the delegates of MINEX Europe Mining Forum will be able to visit mines and industrial enterprises operated by Albanian and International companies.

Antea Cement
Spaç Copper Mine

Ferro-Chrome factory of Elbasan factory started to operate in 1989. It is designed to produce high-carbon ferrochrome using as raw chromium material coming from the mines in the country, mainly from Bulqiza area. Currently, Ferro-Chrome Factory of Elbasan works with two furnaces for the production of high-carbon ferrochrome.


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ANTEA Cement has a production capacity of 1.4-million-ton cement yearly and 3.300-ton clinker per day. The plant is located at Boka e Kuqe, Borizane which is 50 km away from Tirana. It is the largest industrial greenfield investment (total value exceeding 200 million Euro) in Albania.  


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Spaç Copper is one of the most productive mines with an active 12 km tunnel and around 3 million tons of recoverable reserves to be mined. TETE Albania plans to mine 3.6 million tons of ore with SPAC Project. At the time when Albania was governed by the Communist party, the mine was operated by the political prisoners.


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Questions and Answers


What are Western Balkans countries?

The term “Western Balkans” has geographical and political dimensions. Currently, this includes Albania along with the successor states of former Yugoslavia: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. It does not include Slovenia and Croatia, which joined the European Union in 2004 and 2013, respectively.

What are business opportunities in Western Balkans?

Countries of the Western Balkans region have a long-term tradition in mining, processing, and metallurgical activities. The RESEERVE project, funded by the EU, is currently mapping the mineral resources of the six ESEE countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. The project’s objective is to identify business opportunities for further development of “untapped” strategic metals and reduce exploration and investment risks.

What are the objectives of the MINEX Europe Forum?

The main objective of the Forum is to provide a fresh outlook on mining and exploration of primary and secondary raw materials development in the Western Balkans region and to stimulate discussion between industry, governments and investors on sustainable mining relying on advanced international knowledge and technology.


How is the Forum organised?