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Mining Operations Around the World Employ Continuous Surface Mining Methods



 August 1, 2022 - Mining plays a vital role in everyone’s daily lives. The material extracted by surface mining operations creates energy and is used by manufacturers to develop machinery, technology, and the infrastructure people use every day. Through continuous surface mining methods, today’s miners are actively taking steps to make mines safer, more sustainable, and better neighbours to nearby communities.

Continuous surfacing mining is proving to be efficient and more sustainable for many mines. Using surface excavation machines equipped with powerful cutting wheels to break up hard, rocky material often requires fewer steps than drill and blast methods. Continuous mining methods can also significantly reduce the material handling time at many mines. Material can be extracted one layer at a time, and the process produces consistently sized material that typically does not need to be run through a crusher.


Today, surface excavation machines (SEMs) are working at mines ranging from precious minerals and stones to quarry operations. For many of the mines using continuous surface mining methods, equipment like the Vermeer® Terrain Leveler® SEM has made it possible to extract material in areas deemed ‘off-limits’ for traditional drill and blast mining, due to increased regulations and community pressures to reduce noise, vibration, and dust.

For some real-life examples of the benefits of SEM technology, take a look at the case studies on