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MSHA Final Report Issued for Fatality on 8/11/2021


August 3, 2022 - On August 11, 2021, a 53-year-old contract truck driver with ten years’ experience was fatally injured while conducting a pre-operational examination of a truck.  The rear wheels of the vehicle struck the truck driver when the truck rolled forward.

Best Practices:

  • Block mobile equipment against motion.  Adequately chock wheels or turn wheels into a bank.
  • Use specially designed truck-wheel chocks of the appropriate size and material to hold the vehicle securely.  Do not use lumber, cinder blocks, rocks, or other makeshift items to chock.
  • Never position yourself in hazardous areas around equipment parked on a grade that is not blocked or secured from movement.
  • Maintain the equipment’s braking systems.  Perform repairs and adjustments when necessary and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Do not exceed the manufacturer’s load limits.
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