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Ukraine Bans Coking Coal Exports to Prevent Fuel Shortage in Winter



By Pavel Polityuk

September 10, 2022 - Ukraine has banned the export of coking coal to safeguard supplies for winter heat, the energy ministry said on Thursday.

Fearing that a Russian energy cut-off could create one of the bitterest winters in modern history, Ukraine already banned exports of gas, energy coal and fuel oil in June. The new move adds coal normally used in the steelmaking process to the list.

The ministry said the move aimed "to prevent abuse and manipulation of the quality of coal that could be used for thermal generation work during the heating season and was instead sent for export."

Ukraine has traditionally experienced a shortage of coal since pro-Russian separatists seized the eastern regions of the country in 2014, where most of its coal mines are located.

Ukraine has been importing coal by sea in recent years, but this is currently extremely difficult, as Ukrainian seaports are now operating only for the export of food.