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Ukraine Lifts Ban on Coking Coal Exports



November 4, 2022 - The Ukrainian government has revoked a ban on the export of coking coal that had been in effect since September 7 with the aim of accumulating sufficient fuel reserves for thermal generation work during the heating season.


Lately, the Ukraine's cabinet of ministers has issued amendments to the resolution dated 29.12.2021 No. 1424 "On approval of lists of goods whose exports and imports are subject to licensing, and quotas for 2022". Specifically, the cabinet of ministers has allowed the export of coking coal within the limits of the specified quotas. "Exports from Ukraine have been liberalized within the defined volumes of coking coal quotas, which are not used for heat generation,” the representative of the cabinet of ministers, Taras Melnychuk, said.

Meanwhile, during the first nine months this year, Ukraine's coal and anthracite exports totaled 624,197 mt, according to Ukrainian customs data. Its exports in terms of value in the given period amounted to $191.3 million, with Slovakia being the key sales destination in the period in question accounting for a 60.6 percent share of the total value of Ukrainian coal exports, while Poland and Hungary accounted for 24.9 percent and 13.15 percent shares, respectively.

Russian missiles have seriously damaged about 40 percent of Ukraine's entire energy infrastructure, according to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.