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Biden's Efforts Toward Energy Independence: We're Shutting Down Coal Plants All Across America



November 5, 2022 - When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in California, do as Californians do??

Not many would agree with the second statement, but Biden's words conveyed this sentiment on Friday afternoon when he told a crowd in California that he's ready to get rid of coal plants all across the nation.

"We're going to be shutting these plants down all across America... and having wind and solar," he asserted with an energy crisis looming.

Gas prices are still far above average and all sources of energy have skyrocketed in cost, yet Biden's still moving forward with plans that devastate working Americans. 


Such irresponsible actions would leave people without heat or electricity. The coal mining industry would vanish more than it already has, meaning tens of thousands of jobs would be taken away from hard-working Americans in states like Wyoming, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

The commander-in-chief detailed his plan to add 500,000 charging stations across the nation. He left out the fact that many charging stations are currently powered by coal.

Maybe Joe is thinking a battery-powered energy plant will do the trick.... 

He claimed no one is building new coal plants because it's unreliable and costs too much money. In reality, that's the dilemma with green energy. It's extremely expensive, at the mercy of the weather, and largely reduces the amount of generated power. In a nutshell, unreliable and very expensive.

Then he mentioned tax credits, the real driver behind the renewable energy sector. If it weren't for government payouts to electric companies and individuals alike, these green initiatives wouldn't exist in the first place. 

Why? Because when in the free market, it doesn't work economically. However, when imaginary funds are pulled out of the sky and disbursed into the capitalistic economy, a temporary incentive is formed, which we are seeing play out this very instant. 

Biden claims it's now cheaper to generate electricity from wind and solar than it is from coal and oil. Our oil reserves are depleted, our reliance on foreign nations has grown and our ability to live free and independent from government has shrunk. 

Self-governance is desirable for freedom fanatics, but not for a government that grows off the people's reliance on the system.

Energy is a fundamental part of everyone's lives and when the government starts to take away essential sectors like coal, we're going down a dangerous path.

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