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Patrick Morrisey to Newsmax: Biden's Coal Comment 'Outrageous'



By Theodore Bunker

November 12, 2022 - West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey told Newsmax on Friday that President Joe Biden’s comments about coal plants were "outrageous" and "tone deaf."

Biden recently promoted solar and wind investment and commented about shutting down coal plants across the country, prompting backlash from those in coal-producing states such as West Virginia.

Morrisey said on Newsmax's “National Report” that Biden’s comments "were absolutely outrageous in every single way."

He added that Biden is "tone deaf," saying the president "doesn't want to allow coal to be mined, he doesn't want any oil or gas to be drilled. This is a guy that I think is so disconnected with so many people across the country, and it's why a lot of West Virginia has lost complete faith in him."

Morrisey continued, "I'm just disappointed. I know Sen. [Joe] Manchin, [D-W.Va.,] was disgusted at this but unfortunately voted for a bill that's going to enable more destruction of coal, and I think that's terribly unfortunate and we need to make sure that that kind of stuff doesn't happen."

He added, "I think from a bigger perspective, if you're going to talk about electrifying the car fleet, getting 100 million folks in electric cars, the only way that's going to happen is through coal and natural gas. And so I think there has to be a lot more focus and attention on that. We're not seeing that from this administration."