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Michelin Launches MICHELIN® MEMS Lite


November 16, 2022 - Michelin has launched MICHELIN® MEMS Lite, its newest offer in connected tires for surface mining and quarry vehicles.


MICHELIN MEMS Lite is an entry-level tire MEMS solution that combines Michelin’s proven liquid-proof sensors to deliver periodic tire pressure and temperature readings. Tire sensors are mounted inside the tires, where data is captured periodically as vehicles drive by fixed reading stations strategically located at the mine site. The data is then sent remotely to connected devices through a local server or secure cloud server. 

“As part of Michelin Better Mining, we strive to provide the mining industry with innovative services and solutions, beyond the tire, that add value for users,” said Hugo Morales, Mining MEMS business development manager. “We designed this new entry-level MEMS offer to meet the needs of customers who want to start using a TPMS with basic features to improve their operations. We found that miner’s running 100 – 150-ton trucks were looking for a simple, robust plug-and-play solution with alerts sent to their mobile devices should an issue arise, which will be supported by a trusted technical network." 


MICHELIN MEMS Lite requires no hardware installation on trucks. It is an easy-to-install and operate tire monitoring solution that adds both safety and savings to operations, giving operators better control of their equipment and making it a budget-friendly solution for mine owners. MEMS Lite  helps mine operators:

Strengthen safety by monitoring tire pressure and temperature remotely, keeping personnel at a safe distance from equipment.

Save  on budget by extending the life of the tires and reducing unplanned maintenance; and 

Increase productivity by keeping machines running through improved tire data.

As a result, mine operators can drive performance and elevate mine operations to the next level.


“One of our primary goals is to provide the mining industry with multiple options to help owners and operators achieve maximum efficiency within their budgets,” said Sarah Robinson, regional mining segment manager for Michelin North America. “We designed this new entry-level unit to meet the needs of customers who want to start using a TPMS with basic features to improve their operations. With costs being an ever-increasing concern for the mines today, the MEMS Lite will help our customers  increase efficiency and at the same time help lower costs. It’s a win-win for the mines.”


MEMS Lite is easily upgraded to MEMS4 , as they both use the same platform and communication protocols that are currently available in North America.