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Stop the War on Coal in 2024



November 20, 2022 - Below is an editorial featured in West Virginia's Weirton Daily Times: 


Joe Biden has vowed to close coal-fired power plants and put many more Americans out of work, directly and indirectly. He wants to replace coal with more expensive and government-subsidized alternative energy sources.

Biden disregards coal’s importance to our nation’s energy independence, electric grid reliability, and national security.

Joe Manchin allowed Biden to continue the War on Coal as the deciding vote for the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

This doubles production taxes on coal and natural gas and will cause higher inflation and energy prices. Manchin betrayed West Virginians at a time when we needed him the most.

With our nation suffering from record inflation, food, and fuel prices, it’s reckless to eliminate affordable and reliable energy sources that can keep prices and inflation from further spiraling out of control.

Wind and solar power cannot be relied on to power America’s electric grid because the technology is not yet advanced enough to serve as a baseload energy source. If wind and solar are to be the technologies of the future, competition in an open and free market serves everyone best.

Joe Manchin may not stand up for American energy and coal country, but as your next US Senator, I will.

As a fourth generation coal miner, I know coal mining remains one of America’s most noble professions. The taxpayers and hard-working people of our country, who’ve contributed so much to our progress, deserve a better future, not one stacked against them.

Chris Rose

Granville, W.Va.