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Debris, Damage and Downtime


Debris, Damage and Downtime:

Avoiding Lubrication Contamination




Are Bad Pin Bushings Keeping Your Machines Sidelined?


March 6, 2023 - A common wear material for mining equipment, pin bushing replacements are an all-too-common sight for maintenance professionals. Contamination plays a significant role in expediting failure, especially for earth movers or crushing equipment that interface with large quantities of debris. 



The thing is, if proper lubrication maintenance is practiced, the replacement and/or repair of pin bushings can be virtually eliminated. Most pin bushings today have “grease grooves” on the inner diameter, which aid in purging contamination from the bushing by forcing out unwanted materials.


Using an automatic lubrication system, you can frequently purge contamination from a pin and bushings on mobile equipment while it works. They are designed to dispense consistently accurate doses of lubricant to each individual lubrication point on a machine. By greasing during equipment operation, the entire pin is coated and equally purged. This increases equipment life and extends performance of the machine.




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If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a fleet to run a mining operation.


With automatic lubrication, protect your equipment and your bottom-line. Graco offers automatic lubrication pumps to suit the needs of even the most complex of mining equipment.


If it moves, it gets grease. If you need lubrication solutions, Graco is here to help.