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Preventing Falls from Height - Safety Alert


Preventing Falls from Height - Safety Alert


In the last ten years, 22 miners and contractors have been fatally injured and
over 1,000 have been disabled or lost time from work in fall-from-height accidents.

Fall from height accidents result in over 100 fatal and serious injuries every year. Prevent these injuries by providing walkways and platforms with handrails that provide safe access, and by using adequate fall protection.

Best Practices:

•    Reduce hazards.  Design work areas and d evelop job tasks to minimize fall hazards.
•    Have a program.  Establish an effective fall prevention and protection program.  Provide task and site-specific hazard training that prohibits working at unprotected locations.
•    Provide fall protection to each miner who may work at an elevated height, or a location unprotected by handrails.  Ensure their use.
•    Provide secure anchor points.
•    Provide mobile or stationary platforms or scaffolding at locations and on work projects where there is a risk of falling.
•    Provide safe truck tarping and bulk truck hatch access facilities.


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