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New Professional Standards for the Coal Industry Have Been Officially Approved in Russia



May 10, 2023 - The Kuzbassrazrezugol coal mining company has achieved success in its efforts to develop professional standards for the Russian coal industry, which are now officially approved and will be used at all coal enterprises in the country.



According to the company's press service, such a system of requirements for the qualification and level of training of personnel will help to improve the safety and level of qualification of specialists in key positions in the industry. The most extensive program “Excavator Operator in the Mining industry” will come into force on September 1, 2023 and was developed by a working group that included representatives of 10 coal companies.

This GPS sets uniform standards and requirements for machinists operating various models of excavators at mining facilities. Kuzbassrazrezugol has been working on state professional standards for open-pit mining since 2019. The first GPS “The bulldozer driver in the mining industry” was introduced in 2020, followed by “Driver of a technological machine” in 2022 and “Operator of a drilling rig for open-pit mining” and “Operator of a conveyor of coal mining enterprises” in 2023.