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West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller Joins Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith as Co-Chairs of New coal Caucus



May 19, 2023 - West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller, R-1st District, has joined Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-9th District, as co-chairs of the new Congressional Coal Caucus.

Miller announced Thursday the caucus held its first meeting Wednesday and created a list of strategic priorities.

Those priorities include:

—Oversight on EPA's Power Plant Agenda

—Grid Reliability Legislation

—Rail Service Reliability

—Support Future Coal Use

—Promote Policies to Facilitate Coal Exports

—Oversight on DOI's Federal Coal Leasing Program Review

—Support Pro-Coal Tax Policies

"West Virginia has provided the nation and the world with coal for generations, and as the second largest coal producer, we will continue to power the United States for years to come," Miller said. "As the co-chair of the Congressional Coal Caucus, I will fight to preserve and protect one of our greatest natural resources. I look forward to working with my colleagues to protect American coal and save society from the nightmare of energy poverty being proposed by leftwing radicals and so-called environmentalists."

"The coal industry plays a key role in our economy, helping Americans meet their energy needs, while also being vital to the production of steel. It is a major economic driver in the Ninth District," Griffith said. "I am excited to be serving as Co-Chair of the Congressional Coal Caucus this Congress and look forward to working with my fellow co-chairs and other colleagues to explore ways to promote this affordable, reliable energy."

Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, is also a co-chair of the caucus.

Johnson said in a statement all energy must be developed, but coal is a crucial mainstay.

"I support a true 'all of the above' approach to energy development," he said. "This approach starts with responsibly developing America's own natural resources, and that must include coal. Coal is fundamental to America's energy dominance as it remains a very abundant, affordable and reliable energy source, and we can use it in an environmentally responsible way for generations to come. I am proud to serve as a co-chair of the Coal Caucus this Congress."