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MINEX Europe Forum Call for Action


Help us to empower and support Ukrainian Refugees in Lower Silesia

The global response to the Ukrainian crisis has been heartening. Since the start of the invasion in February 2022, unprecedented levels of global support have been extended to Ukraine and its people.


Despite this, many charitable organisations are facing “attention fatigue”, and there’s a noticeable reduction in humanitarian aid. 


Recognising this, the MINEX Europe Forum has partnered with the Foundation Ukraine non-profit organisation to address this concern directly. 

Over 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees are currently living in Poland.

The MINEX Europe Forum is dedicated to more than just knowledge sharing and industry meetings. It’s about making a tangible, positive impact on the communities it touches.

As we plan the 7th MINEX Europe Forum scheduled for 17-19 October 20203 in Wroclaw, we’re committed to fostering change and empowerment of 150 Ukrainian refugees living in Lower Silesia.  

Displaced from their homes due to conflict and uncertainty, these individuals seek solace and hope in Poland. Unfortunately, returning to their homeland remains uncertain as the war in Ukraine rages on. Among these refugees are women, the elderly, youth, and children, all striving to adapt to their