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Coal Mining Rescue Team Contest Held in The Ohio Valley



November 1, 2023 - A hands-on contest that prepares coal mine rescue teams for real-life emergencies is being held in the Ohio Valley.

It’s an event that brings mine rescue teams together to compete and prepare for any emergency.  

The two-day contest is hosted by American Consolidated Natural Resources.

The competition consists of 10 Mine rescue teams from local companies and others around the country to prepare for any mining emergency.

With coal mining being an extremely dangerous job, it brings the need to have mining teams who are prepared for any scenario.  

”Any time a coal miner is underground, you have to have a mine rescue trained team ready to go if that miner gets in need or distress danger. You have to have trained personnel to come and get them out of trouble.”


The contest takes the teams through a simulated mine with a scenario that they must solve as fast and as efficiently as possible. Teams follow a series of rules to check the conditions of the mine such as adverse roof conditions, low levels of oxygen, high levels of methane, and other obstacles.

The contest doesn’t just help teams prepare for real scenarios, but it also helps them get to know their team and others they might have to work with in an emergency.  

”I’m glad that we’re able to bring mine rescue teams from all of our affiliated companies together. It gives them an opportunity to to meet the rescue team members from other mines and to build a relationship.”


ACNR says the contest is a tribute to the best the coal industry has to offer in regard to its rescue team and fire brigade members. 

”Being here today at our corporate headquarters is like sending a message to all of us that the caring goes all the way to the top. You know, to put this on and have us away from work speaks volumes.”


The winners of the contest will take home a traveling trophy that consists of a coal bucket with lumps of coal from each company. 

ACNR says that all the individuals competing in the contest are truly a special breed of miner.