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West Virginia Industrial Electric Rates Second Lowest In The Nation Due To Coal-Fired Generation



November 9, 2023Validating what the West Virginia Coal Association has known for years, the West Virginia Public Service Commission recently announced the findings of a U.S. Energy Administration study that found West Virginia’s industrial electric rates are the second lowest in the nation and lowest in the nation overall since the 2000.

“The study corroborates what energy experts have known all along: that West Virginia’s industrial electric rates are indeed among the lowest in the country thanks in large part to West Virginia’s ecosystem of coal-fired electric generation facilities,” said Chris Hamilton, President and Chief Executive Officer of the West Virginia Coal Association.

“Our state’s coal-fired power plants, which account for billions of dollars of economic activity and thousands of high-paying jobs, provide some of the most affordable rates for household and industrial power consumption in the nation.”

Collectively West Virginia’s coal-fired manufacturing facilities and coal mining industry represent a $14 billion business in West Virginia.

“We are proud to provide the reliable and resilient power supply that business, industry and the public rely on to keep our economy flowing,” said Hamilton. “In this time of world unrest and political uncertainly, coal provides a foundational role in our everyday lives.”