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World Coal Body Renamed as Part of Transformative Branding to Counter Anti-Coal Sentiment



November 20, 2023 - Thirty-eight years into existence, the World Coal Association (WCA) has renamed itself FutureCoal- The Global Alliance for Sustainable Coal as part of its transformative branding.

FutureCoal Global Alliance describes itself as the world’s only multi-lateral, neutral and progressive organisation representing the entire coal value chain which is dedicated to raising awareness of the significant total contribution of coal.

Unveiling the new brand logo and identity at a press conference in New Delhi, FutureCoal's Chief Executive Officer Michelle Manook said that the change responded to a call from coal and allied sectors to modernise and unite under a common purpose.

Stating that they've opened their doors to all major and strategic players across the entire coal value chain, FutureCoal has called for an inclusive all fuels and all technologies global policy framework to support the sovereign rights of all coal-producing and consuming nations as well as the stakeholders genuinely seeking to support them.


Pointing out that the lower global coal IQ due to the dominance of an anti-coal sentiment in the global value chain has diminished the capacity and progress of many vulnerable developing and emerging nations, Manook said that such sentiment has now even started adversely affecting many developed nations.


Stressing that the total contribution of coal to modern society and the growing global population should neither be dismissed nor disregarded, she highlighted the need for the deployment of a wider definition of abated coal solutions for energy transition, while describing coal as a critical resource and a legitimate participant in both economic development and abatement of emissions.

The FutureCoal Global Alliance will embed its transformation through Sustainable Coal Stewardship (SCS). The SCS platform will allow coal-based economies like India, China, and other like-minded nations and corporations to form collaborations to advance a progressive technology and solutions-led international coal value chain industry.