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November 20, 2023 - Last week, the West Virginia Coal Association (WVCA) reported that WVU’s Mining Program would remain independent and not be merged with Petroleum and Natural Gas.  Working with school officials, WVCA continues to discuss ways to increase enrollment, strengthen the program and generate greater involvement from the Association/industry.  Please be advised of a special opportunity we’ve been afforded on December 5th to meet with the freshman class of the College of Engineering who have not chosen a specific engineering major.  We are planning a “WV Coal 2023 and Beyond” discussion with this group along with having our member companies present to discuss their company engineering and manpower needs.  More details on this event will be forthcoming.  Other programs and initiatives we plan to pursue with the University and Mining Engineering Department include:


  • Develop a 2 +2 curriculum with other state universities and community colleges so prospective engineering students can work towards two and four-year degrees without initially going to the Morgantown campus.
  • Expand the current sponsorship-scholarship opportunities by involving more companies to help offset tuition and student costs.
  • Create an in-service and virtual education component to the Mining Engineering Program so students can work towards a mining engineering degree online while working in the industry.
  • Create a newly constituted and balanced Advisory Committee to consult and advise the Dean of the Engineering College and Chair of the Mining Engineering Department.
  • Assess and recommend changes to the current curriculum and education experience for mining engineering students.
  • Assess WVU’s mining energy/coal assets i.e. the Mining Extension Service and Energy Institute and recommend procedures for improved communications and collaboration among these entities and mining engineering.
  • Enhance the faculty and student research program with a focus on solving operational issues impacting the mining industry and towards developing beneficial uses for carbon (dioxide).
  • Collaborate to develop a new narrative and recruitment video for becoming a mine engineer.  This would be designed to change the existing narrative that coal is dying and careers in coal would be short lived.

Through this renewed partnership, WVU could become a stronger advocate for coal and coalmining as the above initiatives are advanced and developed in conjunction with the Association.  We ask all member companies to consider being a part of the December 5 special event with WVU’s engineering College and to be part of the newly constituted Advisory Committee.


For more information, contact Chris Hamilton, West Virginia Coal Association, President,, (304) 342-4153.