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OP ED: The Future of Coal is Changing



February 1, 2024 - The Metallurgical Coal Producers Association (MCPA) is a non-profit organization made up of metallurgical coal producers and those who support our producing members’ operations. Our emphasis is on metallurgical coal, the issues related to it, and the opportunities metallurgical coal brings to our region. Our region is our collective strength. The association actively advocates and promotes the metallurgical coal industry in the eastern U.S., specifically Central Appalachia. MCPA Members Represent the Majority of Met Coal Produced in the United States

MCPA’s producing members have shifted their operations toward metallurgical coal, which is used to make steel. The Association is working to expand the general public’s understanding of metallurgical (met) coal and its critical benefit to our everyday lives. Bridges, skyscrapers, automobiles, and common products like kitchen appliances are made possible by metallurgical coal. The MCPA is dedicated to the promotion of metallurgical coal. 

Membership in the Met Coal Producers Association

MCPA hopes to leverage its collective strength as a regional association. An investment in membership will enable the organization to engage stakeholders and usher in a new perspective for the coal industry. Benefits of being a MCPA member are:

  • Advance the mission to educate our stakeholders that Met Coal Makes Steel!
  • Option to attend our Annual Conference along with other key decision makers of our producing members at discounted rates.
  • Invitation to attend our annual professional engineering seminar for continuing education credit at discounted rates.
  • Receive our “Media Monitor” via email with relevant news about our industry.
  • Participate in our committees: environmental, safety, government affairs, etc.
  • Representatives advocating for our interests in state government and federal policies.

On behalf of our producing members and our entire association, we invite you and your company to join our cause. 

Why join the Met Coal Producers Association 

Education. Traditionally, coal has been understood through its use in generating electricity. We hope to expand the general public’s knowledge and understanding of coal in our everyday lives. Metallurgical coal makes progress possible and is critical to our economy. Automobiles, household appliances, bridges, and buildings are a few products requiring steel which is made possible by metallurgical coal. When you think of coal, think of steel, think of progress.

Advocacy. As our membership grows, our regional presence will reflect the expanded enterprise of our participating companies. Our producers have a large operational footprint in Central Appalachia and, therefore, the association will promote and seek to expand the opportunities we have here by working with lawmakers and key stakeholders. We will advocate for policies that support the opportunities we have with metallurgical coal.

Support. Your membership supports the efforts of our producing members. The producing members have taken bold steps to adjust their operational strategies to advance the future of the coal industry. Collectively, the coal producers and our associate members see value in building an association that pools our resources and channels our efforts for a common purpose. We look forward to your support and working within this new framework.

Metallurgical coal is critical to our daily lives and to the continued building of our nation’s infrastructure. Remember, MET COAL MAKES STEEL!

Learn more about the Met Coal Producers Association by visiting us at or follow us @metcoalproducers