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EIA: US Coal Production Rises to Six-Week High at 10.7 Million st



February 9, 2024 - Weekly US coal production climbed to a six-week high of 10.7 million st in the week ended Feb. 3, according to US Energy Information Administration data released Feb. 8.

US coal production was 9.7% higher on the week and 6.1% higher on the year. Through the first five weeks of 2024, US coal production was at a 14.4% deficit to the year-ago term. 

All major US coal production regions boosted output from the week before, with the Illinois Basin rising by the steepest margin. Illinois Basin coal production increased 12.3% on the week and 7.6% on the year to 1.5 million st. From Jan. 1 through Feb. 3, the Illinois Basin produced 6.7 million st, which was 14.2% lower than the 2023 term.

Platts Feb. 2 assessed prompt-quarter Illinois Basin 11,000 Btu/lb barge coal 25 cents lower on the session at $40/st, according to data from S&P Global Commodity Insights. The assessment at $40/st was based on a heat-adjusted ILB 11,500 Btu/lb price at $42.50/st. Platts Feb. 2 assessed ILB 11,800 Btu/lb barge coal at $44/st, down 25 cents on the session, based on a heat-adjusted ILB 11,500 Btu/lb price at $42.50/st.

Central Appalachia coal production rose 11.2% on the week and 14.1% on the year to 1.5 million st. Through five weeks, CAPP coal production totaled 6.6 million st, 8.7% lower than output during the corresponding 2023 period.

Central Appalachia 12,000 Btu/lb barge coal for second quarter delivery was flat on the session Feb. 2 at $70.90/st. The assessment was based on broker indications of value at $70/st and $71.75/st, tested in the market through 11:30 am ET.

Northern Appalachia coal production increased by 8.6% week on week to 1.7 million st. Compared with the year-ago week, NAPP coal production was 8.4% higher. From Jan. 1 through Feb. 3, NAPP coal production was 7.4 million st, 12.2% lower than the year-ago level.

Northern Appalachia Upper Ohio River 12,500 Btu/lb 6+ lb SO2 barge coal declined 50 cents from the previous session to $47/st, based on a heat- and sulfur-adjusted broker indication of value for Upper Ohio River 12,400 Btu/lb 7 lb SO2 barge coal at $46.50/st.

As is typical, the Powder River Basin produced the most coal of any major production region nationwide in the latest reported week. Consisting primarily of Wyoming and Montana, the PRB produced 4.8 million st of coal, up 8.9% on the week and 5.7% on the year. PRB coal production through five weeks of 2024 was 14.4% lower than the 2023 level at 21.2 million st.

Platts Feb. 2 assessed PRB 9,400 Btu/lb rail coal down 25 cents on the session at $14.70/st, based on a heat-adjusted PRB 8,800 Btu/lb coal price at $13.70/st. The PRB 8,400 Btu/lb coal price fell 20 cents on the session to $11.20/st Feb. 2. 

Platts is part of S&P Global Commodity Insights.