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There's Still Time to Register For the 2024 Spring Seminar Series! And It's FREE!

May 15, 2024 - The SME Pittsburgh Section is offering the Third Annual Spring Seminar Series. This year, the Series consists of seven, 120-minute virtual sessions beginning on Tuesday, May 21st and continuing thereafter on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule for 3.5 weeks (May 21, 23, 28, 30, June 4, 6, and 11). All Seminars will begin at 1:00 PM EDT and will conclude at 3:00 PM. During each session, a total of 6 papers will be presented at 20-minute intervals. The Seminar Series is offered for free and PDH certificates will be available at 2.0 hrs/session or a total of 14 hrs for the complete series at a cost of $75. Attendees must register for each Seminar AND separately for PDHs if desired.

FOR PDH CERTIFICATES PLEASE CONTACT MARY DELROSSO BY via email at or phone at 412-835-7387  


Technology in Mining/Maintenance

Ground Control

Battery/Safety and Health


Special Panel - State of the Mining Industry Workforce

Dust, Processing and Extraction 

Ground Control, Health & Safety and Technology

Heather Dougherty PE, PHD