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CORESafety TV (July 2024)


CORESafety TV (July 2024):
Module #20:
Contractor Management
and Purchasing

Welcome to the July 2024 edition of CORESafety TV — the online video program from the National Mining Association.
CORESafety's Module #20 focuses on contractor management and purchasing.

This module includes:

  • Ensuring all company-sponsored project proposals include safety and health management criteria or requirements.
  • Pre-screening contractors for acceptable safety and health management experience, qualifications and procedures.
  • Ensuring all contractors and third parties are aware of your organization's safety and health management requirements and expectations.

Watch this episode of CORESafety TV to learn more:

How It Works:

  • Selection and bidding: Contractor selection should be conducted using a screening process to ensure adequate safety and health management competencies and experience. Contractors should know the company’s safety and health management requirements in the bidding process.
  • Orientation and training: Once selected, contractors, vendors and visitors should be provided adequate orientation and any ancillary training necessary to understand site rules, safe work and emergency procedures, communication protocols or other site requirements.


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