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Sir George Dowty Legacy Celebration Continues



July 8, 2024 - Interest in the founder of the Dowty Group, one Sir George Dowty (1901- 1975), continues to grow at a significant pace. Sir George is known in the mining community as the person, who in 1947, took the technology from aircraft undercarriages underground with the first hydraulic props used to support the roof of coal mines.

Springtime saw a Dowty Organ Recital in his home town of Pershore at the Benedictine Abbey which has Anglo- Saxon origins. This recital was led by the renowned organist Simon Bell who is Director of Music Tewkesbury Schola Cantorum. The Dowty family has close connections with the Abbey. Over one hundred former employees attended the service.

Two life size statues of Sir George have been commissioned and one was unveiled during May at the private residence of the Chairman of the Dowty Memorial Committee, Martin Robins. Attendees included the former Governor of Gibraltar and representatives of the military.

The statue has received fulsome praise for its life like features and shows Sir George standing beside one his most famous designs - the undercarriage of the Lancaster Bomber aircraft brought into service in 1942. The statue picture below shows his son George at his side.


 As one of the twentieth century’s most accomplished engineers in the field of aircraft components and mining machinery, it is most gratifying to see Sir George receive recognition for his designs, which have and continue to save countless lives. He made a significant contribution to the winning of the Second World War.

The second statue is scheduled to be unveiled later in the year at a military museum.


Copies of a booklet that was issued for the May unveiling ceremony can be obtained by emailing Martin Robins, Chairman of the Sir George Dowty Memorial Committee at