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Indonesia's RMK Loads Record Coal Volumes in June



July 9, 2024 - Indonesian coal logistics provider RMK Energy's monthly barge loading volume hit an all-time high in June, supported by favorable weather.

RMK Energy loaded a total of 115 vessels with a total coal volume of 916,000t last month, 53pc higher than a year earlier and also up by 23pc from 745,000t in May, the company said. The increase was supported by drier weather during the month, resulting in increased operational efficiency, it added.

RMK Energy loaded 3.9mn t of coal onto 495 barges and unloaded 1,627 trains totaling 4.04mn t over January-June. The company is lagging behind its targets, with volumes so far comprising 42pc and 40pc of its respective targets for 2024, the company said. But its coal logistics operations have since normalized, following weak performance in the first quarter resulting from high rainfall.

Coal transportation volumes are expected to increase in the second half of the year, given projections of increased demand for coal in preparation for the peak winter demand season and continued drier weather in the coming months.

RMK Energy expects to hit its 2024 target of 9.2mn t for its barge loading and 10.2mn t for its train unloading services, if it is able to maintain its current level of operations.