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Peabody Honors Global Innovation, Advocacy And Education In Clean Coal Technologies

Peabody today recognized the distinguished work of organizations and individuals to advance clean coal technologies with the company's annual Peabody Global Clean Coal Leadership Awards.

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National Mining Hall of Fame & Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award Nominations

The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum is actively seeking nominations for the 2020 Hall of Fame induction cycle and the Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award, and you can help!

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DOE Announces $40 Million for Energy Frontier Research Centers

“These centers bring together the nation’s leading scientists in dynamic, innovative teams across multiple disciplines,” said Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar.

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Canada Rail Strike to Result in Mine Closures Within Days

The strike at Canadian National Railway would have a significant and damaging impact on the mining industry and could lead to mine closures in a “matter of days”, the Mining Association of Canada has warned.

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Brooke County, West Virginia Commissioners Pass Resolution in Support of Miner's Pensions

West Virginia Commissioners passed a resolution to help with a project Senator Manchin has been working on.

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Environmental Groups File Federal Lawsuit Against Rosebud Coal Mine Expansion

A group of environmental groups filed a lawsuit in federal court in Billings Monday challenging the proposed expansion of the Rosebud Coal Mine, which supplies coal to the Colstrip power plant.

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Other News
Best-Ever Video on the Global Warming Hoax

Hats off to Tony Heller.

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Connections: How the Medieval Warm Period Led to Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This history of past warmth and pre-industrial climate change is decidedly inconvenient for global warming campaigners. Now they'd like it expunged.

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