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Coal Miners File Lawsuits Against Mask Manufacturers

Nearly 1,000 former coal miners suffering from pneumoconiosis, also known as black lung, have filed individual lawsuits against the 3M company and other dust mask manufacturers.

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CRAIC Technologies is Exhibiting at the 2021 MRS Virtual Meeting

CRAIC Technologies is pleased to participate in the 2021 Materials Research Society Virtual Annual Meeting, December 6, 7 and 8th.

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In Russia, Coal Is Still King. And The Government Wants Even More.

The methane built up silently, first in the ceilings of the Russian coal shaft, then expanding downward, possibly undetected, until an errant spark ignited the cloud, setting off an explosion. Dozens of people -- both miners and rescuers -- were killed.

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Billionaire Adani’s Disputed Mine Shows Ditching Coal Isn’t Easy

After years of protests, a divisive fossil fuel project is starting in Australia and underscores the difficult path to overhauling the world’s energy sector.

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China Plans to Raise Long-Term Coal Prices in 2022 After Squeeze

China plans to raise the benchmark price for long-term coal contracts in 2022 after a supply scare earlier this year, adding to inflationary pressures faced by manufacturers.

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China's Magnesium Price Direction in 2022 Hinges on Coal, Says Magontec CEO

Price direction in China's magnesium market in 2022 will hinge on coal prices, as the domestic magnesium sector relies heavily on coal-powered energy.

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Coal Has Certainly Got a Future

Since 2000, the value of coal has continued to prove itself as an affordable, reliable source of electricity.

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PCMIA/SME Pittsburgh Joint Meeting Hears About Net-Negative CO2 Baseload Power

The 2021 PCMIA/SME Pittsburgh Section Annual Joint Meeting, which drew nearly 200 was held last week, October 21-22, at its traditional home, the Hilton Garden Inn – Southpointe, Canonsburg, PA.

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