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Decline in U.S. Demand Hitting Domestic Thermal Coal Miners Hard

Major U.S. coal producers that filed for bankruptcy a few years ago are now enjoying improved coal markets, but companies that avoided that first wave of reorganizations now find themselves particularly stressed by declining domestic demand.

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West Virginia: A Tale of Two Energy Industries

Unfortunately for the people and communities that depend on them, coal jobs have been waning as oil and gas jobs have been steadily on the rise.

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West Virginia Congressman a Key Asset for 1st District

McKinley served 15 years in the West Virginia House of Delegates and was the state’s Republican Party chair from 1990-94. McKinley always likes to say that he’s an engineer, not a politician.

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Colorado's Coal Production Dips in 2018

Production by Colorado coal mines last year dipped slightly from 2017 levels, with Arch Coal's West Elk Mine in the North Fork Valley continuing to be the most productive location in the state, according to recently released state data.

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TVA Gets $129 Million Offer for Paradise Power Plant

A Nevada man with roots in Kentucky coal has offered to buy the Paradise coal-fired power plant from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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Exelon Fears BURN MORE COAL Shareholder Proposal; Showdown Set for April 30

BURN MORE COAL has basically asked Exelon to stop lying about global warming.

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Other News
West Virginia Coal Mining Institute Meeting to be Held March 20-21 Promises Excellent Presentations

The 2019 Joint Spring Meeting of the West Virginia Coal Mining Institute and West Virginia Coal Association is being held at the Embassy Suites, Charleston, WV on March 20-21.

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CFACT Testifies - GND = Redistribution

While disgraced attorney Michael Cohen was telling, to quote Shakespeare, "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing," CFACT's Marc Morano appeared before Congress and exposed everything about the Green New Deal.

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