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The ACE Rule is Right on Target

The final Affordable Clean Energy rule is reportedly coming in June. It will replace the Clean Power Plan, bringing much-needed regulatory certainty and an approach to reducing emissions that, notably, doesn’t torpedo the economy.

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Inside a Southern Coal Conference: Pep Rallies and Fears of an Industry's Demise

The conference was focused on how to keep coal in the nation's energy mix despite its contributions to global warming and the controversies coal has engendered around mountaintop mining practices and black lung disease.

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Trump Admin Pushes More 'Clean Coal' Spending as Justice Department Investigates Failed 'Clean Coal' Project

In April, the Department of Justice informed Southern Company that it was under investigation “related to the Kemper County energy facility” in Mississippi.

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EQC Delays Coal Permit to Consider Company Background

A Wyoming state environmental review board Thursday withheld approval of a mining permit transfer until it could determine whether a sprawling web of coal companies’ environmental violations in other states should block the owner from operating in Wyoming

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The 115th RMCMI Annual Meeting & Conference June 23-25, 2019 in Vail, Colorado

RMCMI Annual Conference Registration is Open!

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Cabinet Approves $45 Billion in Aid for Coal Regions

Merkel’s administration announced an exit from coal power in February, saying it will wean the nation off the fossil fuel over two decades.

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Other News
Jimmy Brock, CEO, CONSOL Energy, to Open Bluefield Coal Show on September 11, 2019

Jimmy A. Brock, CEO, CONSOL Energy, will open the Bluefield Coal Show after delivering the Keynote Address at the Media and Exhibitor Appreciation Breakfast on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

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CFACT Testifies - GND = Redistribution

While disgraced attorney Michael Cohen was telling, to quote Shakespeare, "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing," CFACT's Marc Morano appeared before Congress and exposed everything about the Green New Deal.

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