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Despite Violation, Coal Company Not at Fault in Death of Miner Last Year, Inspector Says

The roof was secured with bolts driven 12 feet into the rock. The face, a 10-foot high wall of coal, was abnormally quiet. Despite violation, coal company not at fault in death of miner last year, inspector says

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Coal Imports Rise by 12% to 18 MT in January

The country's coal import increased by 12.4 percent to 18.49 million tonnes in January, against 16.44 MT in the same month of the previous fiscal, according to m-junction, a leading name in the e-auction space.

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Scottish Football Has 137 Year Connection with Coal

When coal mining flourished, Cowdenbeath Football Club performed wonders on the field of play, mixing with the elite players of their day; when coal mining went into decline, the club’s fortunes on the park showed a corresponding slide down the leagues.

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Judge Grants Government's Motion to Dismiss Charges Against West VirginiaCoal Executive

Hours after the Department of Justice filed to forgo further prosecution of a West Virginia coal boss on campaign finance charges, Senior U.S. District Judge Irene M. Keeley granted the request by dismissing the indictment against James Lewis Laurita Jr.

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U.S. Coal Production, Exports and Prices Increased in 2017

EIA expects total 2017 U.S. coal production to be 773 million short tons, 45 MMst higher than in 2016 and the largest year-over-year tonnage increase since 2001.

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Carbon Capture Project Advances With Federal Funding

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded $6 million to researchers for early design work on a system to capture carbon dioxide from an existing North Dakota coal-fired power plant.

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BREAKING NEWS - Murray Energy Corporation Denounces the United States Senate for Passing a Mockery of Tax Reform

In its just released tax package, the Senate failed to repeal the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax on American employers, and particularly capital-intensive, leveraged employers, such as coal mining companies.

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Jennmar Opens Belt Conveyor Structure Plant in Russell County, Virginia

“We are very excited about the next few years in the coal industry under this government and have great pleasure in opening this plant,” said Executive Vice President and Co-Owner Tony Calandra as he cut the ribbon to mark the official opening.

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