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S&P Analysis Shows Planned Power Plant Retirements Threaten 25% of Current U.S. Coal Production

Despite drastic cuts in production, U.S. domestic thermal coal markets could continue to face oversupply for the foreseeable future as about a quarter of U.S. coal production is bound for power plants where customers have already set a future retirement d

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Trump Says He Delivered Major Victory for TVA Workers This Week While Fired Director Worries About Micromanaging

TVA is not under the direct control of the president, but Trump said the agency "changed course totally" at his urging and rescinded layoff notices given to IT workers whose jobs were scheduled to be replaced by outside contractors.

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Longtime Fairchild International Employee, Bennie Philips, Passes

Bennie Joe Phillips, age 87, of Scott Ridge Road, Beaver, WV, passed away at his home on Friday, August 7, 2020, after a long illness.

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Wyoming Mining Association Endorses Lummis in U.S. Senate Race

“Cynthia Lummis not only understands the critical issues facing the mining industry, but is a proven and tireless advocate on its behalf,” WMA Executive Director Travis Deti said in a news release.

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A Look Back on North East England's Mining and Industrial Heritage

England's North East mining and industrial heritage have shaped the region’s identity – influencing everything from attitudes, language, and even sense of humor.

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Coal India Revises Production Target to 650-600 Million Tonne for FY21

Coal India chairman-cum-managing director Pramod Agrawal said at least 650 to 660 million tonne of coal was expected to be produced by the end of this financial year, ensuring that coal shortage was not felt by the industry.

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The Greening of Planet Earth

What effect does the burning of fossil fuels and the resulting emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) have on the earth's biosphere?

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The Greening of Planet Earth Continues

The controversy over the effects of increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) on nature -- and the fossil fuel combustion that contributes to it -- continues to intensify.

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