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Trump Can Immediately Repeal These Obama Energy Policies

Trump plans to eliminate restrictions on U.S. energy production, mainly through dismantling President Obama’s so called “Climate Action Plan” and the “Waters of the U.S.” rule.

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Coal CEO: ‘At Least We’ve Got A Shot Under Trump’

“At least we’ve got a shot at it under Trump,” said Jeff Keffer, CEO of the coal company Longview Power. “If Clinton had won, the requirements of CPP and the inability to replace old plants would have eventually just killed coal entirely in the 2020s.”

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How Congress Can Help Now in Coal Country

That weakening of the coal industry triggered an immediate crisis for 22,500 retired coal miners. They face the loss of their health care and pension benefits. Which means Congress should act to approve the Miners Protection Act.

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Trump Nominees Face 'Unprecedented' Democrat Obstructionism

Trump’s picks have fared worse than past Cabinet nominees. Even though Trump enjoys a Republican-led Senate, Democrats have kept their promise to delay confirmation of his nominees, even if they lack the votes to ultimately defeat them.

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Railroads: US Coal Train Loadings Increase Again From All Major Basins

For the second straight week, US coal train loadings increased across all major basins, with nationwide volumes rising 8.8% week on week.

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UMWA Career Center Gets Grant for Coal Miner Retraining

UMWA Career Centers Inc., based in Ruff Creek, PA, has received a $1.2 million grant from Appalachian Regional Commission through the federal Power initiative to help retrain displaced coal miners.

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Coal Miner Exchange Website Up and Running

Coal and Quarry Miner Exchange became part of the Coal News family of companies in September and has been paired with CoalZoom, coal’s foremost online newsletter.

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Court Rules Against EPA in Case Over Coal Job Losses

The Environmental Protection Agency has not properly estimated the potential job losses in the coal and other industries affected by its regulations, a federal judge ruled Monday.

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