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Simulators From Immersive Technologies Preparing Operators to Remotely Operate Semi-Autonomous Underground LHDs

Freeport McMoRan in Indonesia is using training simulators from Immersive Technologies to prepare operators for Caterpillar’s semi-autonomous LHD operations with Cat® Command for Underground.

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Fishermen Block Entrance to Donkin Mine in Canada

Angry fishermen say a blockage of the entrance to the Donkin Mine on Tuesday is just the beginning if something isn’t done about the mine’s plans to ruin their industry.

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In West Virginia, Coal Lobbyists Request Lower Severance Tax Rate

A coal mining lobbyist group is asking for a lower severance tax rate for coal, while two organizations representing natural gas interests are asking to keep their severance tax rates the same.

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Cooling Outlook for Coal Market

At a time of increasing focus on the renewables market as the world seeks to clean up its act to prevent climate change, what is the outlook like for coal?

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State Coal Association Head Asks for Reduction in Severance Tax

West Virginia Coal Association President Bill Raney asked legislators Monday to enact a 3 percent reduction in the state’s severance tax, arguing that the reportedly rebounding coal industry is still “fragile.”

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Amid LNG Industry Fears of Retaliation, Trump Unveils Tariffs on More Chinese Goods

The Trump administration late Monday rolled out another round of tariffs, on $200 billion worth of additional Chinese goods, in a development warily anticipated by the US natural gas sector because of the potential for retaliatory tariffs on US LNG export

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Other News
Famous Scottish Football Team Seeks Funds to Return to the Glory Days

Ever since the founding of Cowdenbeath Football Club in 1881, the links with the coal mining industry have been very strong. The town of Cowdenbeath itself grew out of the coal boom in the late 19th century and its famous football club did likewise.

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Cowdenbeath FC in the Heart of the Fife Coalfield, Scotland

This is the fourth in a series of articles about Cowdenbeath FC, the home of “The Miners”, located in Fife, Scotland, who are seeking support from members of the United States coal industry.

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