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Death at Mining Prep Plant Under Investigation

A coal mining-related death is under investigation in Marshall County, West Virginia.

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Plunging Temps Remind New England of Cold, Hard Truth: Grid Still Relies on Coal, Oil

Energy sector officials have been warning for years about the risks posed to New England’s grid by plunging temperatures, risks exacerbated by anti-energy-infrastructure policies across the region.

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GOP Senator Blocks Biden EPA Nominees Over Coal Plant Decision

Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) on Friday confirmed she placed a hold on President Biden’s nominee for a senior Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) position, citing concerns over the EPA’s policy toward a coal plant in her state.

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West Virginia Governor and First Lady Justice Issue Statement on Death of Coal Miner in Marshall County

Governor and First Lady Justice issue statement on death of coal miner in Marshall County

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'Appalling': Outrage as Biden Prolongs Trump Coal Policy

The Biden administration continued to process applications for new coal leases throughout 2021, helping spark a 14% increase in coal consumption nationwide.

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Recycling Plant Aims to Turn US Coal Country Into Rare Earth Powerhouse

Mining rare earths, essential elements to realizing an electrified economy, can be challenging as materials needed are either not yet mined, or are latent, stranded, for example, in old coal mines.

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Other News
Net-Negative CO2 Baseload Coal Generation

As we go into the new year, there are even more compelling reasons to bring coal into the public policy debate.

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The Grid Crisis is Only Getting Worse

The reliability of the nation’s energy systems is being tested once again and there is ever-growing concern they’re not up for the challenge.

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