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US Risks Watching Global Energy Race From Sidelines, Says Association

The National Mining Association CEO Rich Nolan has slammed the federal appeals court’s decision to block the Rosemont copper mining project, in Arizona, warning that “flawed rulings” will ensure the US watches the global energy race from the sidelines.

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Credit Suise Nears Settlement With West Virginia Governor's Mining Group

Swiss bank Credit Suisse is close to a settlement with West Virginia Governor Jim Justice over the $690 million his mining company Bluestone Resources owes the bank's clients.

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Quecreek 9 Miner Denis Hall Dies

A member of the “Quecreek 9” died on Friday.

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Doctors at WVU Medicine Black Lung Clinic Say Disease Often Goes Undiagnosed

Nearly two years after a COVID-softened opening, a local clinic dedicated to diagnosing and managing black lung – an occupational disease caused by inhaling coal dust — has amassed more than 200 patients, according to its management team.

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Women in Mining Still Experiencing Harassment, Discrimination, says PhD Candidate's Thesis

A Canadian woman, working on her PhD thesis, believes a lot more needs to be done for the acceptance of women working in all levels of the mining industry.

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Coke Ovens Among Living History at This Model Camp

Along a highway stretching through pinyon and juniper hills of southern Colorado, a long, peculiar row of stone in an otherwise empty field catches the eye.

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Other News
WVCMI and WVCA Members Urged to Support H.R.4891 “Net-Negative CO2 Baseload Power Act” and Email Senators

On April 19, 2022, a presentation called “Net-Negative CO2 Baseload Coal Power Technology” is being given to the 2022 WVCMI/WVCA Joint Meeting.

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EPA is Determined to Accelerate the Electricity Affordability Crisis

Overreliance on Russian energy, lack of dispatchable fuel diversity and a rushed pivot to a renewable future that isn’t yet within reach is a dangerous combination that offers clear lessons for those willing to listen.

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