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Coal Zoom, powered by Coal News, is coal's foremost on-line newsletter for coal operators, CEOs, managers, mining personnel, equipment manufacturers, mining consultants, government employees in coal-related positions, students and faculties of mining colleges, mining associations and institutes, and others providing products and services to the coal mining industry.

Coal Zoom

  • Promotes greater safety and health in coal mining and processing;
  • Presents reports on coal conferences, meetings, trade shows, and expositions;
  • Publishes interviews with leading personalities and experts associated with the industry;
  • Reviews industry, government, and research reports;
  • Provides information on technologies and equipment for extraction, processing and distribution;
  • Discusses coal production trends and forcasts


Advertising Opportunities

CoalZoom has a range of ad sizes to match various marketing budgets. The website has built-in diagnostics to allow the measurement of actual results and stats reports can be provided to advertisers to show the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


Content Updates

CoalZoom is updated twice daily during week days, and once daily on weekends and holidays with informative articles on coal from the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as other major coal producing countries of the world.



The CoalZoom homepage, including supporting ads, is emailed to our subscriber mailing list of approximately 5,000 twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Thus, breaking news arrives in subscribers' mailboxes.


Coal Miner Exchange

The homepage of the special section of the website is emailed to our subscriber mailing list once a week on Wednesdays.


Coal Zoom is your resource for quick and insiteful information about the coal industry. CoalZoom is published by Coal News, Inc., 1448 Carrolton Way, Chesapeake, VA 23320-3079. Global circulation exceeds 140,000.