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Will 2018 Be Alliance Resource Partners, L.P.'s Best Year Yet?

At its core, Alliance is a commodity producer of thermal coal. It operates largely out of the Illinois Coal Basin, which has been gaining share from competing regions for years and is expected to perform relatively well in the future.

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First Year Energy and Environment Accomplishments of the Trump Administration

Elections have consequences, and in the energy and environmental policy areas, the consequences resulting from the election of Donald Trump have been profound.

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The Mining Industry Will Be Crucial to All the Twenty-First's Century's Technological Developments

If not quite the oldest profession of all, mining does boast a pedigree that goes back further than the written record and probably beyond archaeological evidence too. But all that history doesn’t mean it isn’t an industry for the future.

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Trump Visits Pennsylvania County That Has a Special Election in March

President Trump visited southwestern Pennsylvania on Thursday, an area dominated by the coal industry which is feeling positive after his first year in office.

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Trump's Coal Job Push Stumbles in Most States

Trump made reviving the coal industry, and the declining communities that depend upon its jobs, a central tenet in his presidential campaign and has rolled back Obama-era environmental regulations to give the industry a boost.

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Oakland, California Coal Ban Trial Wraps With Debate Over Pollution Levels

Attorneys for a developer fighting to export coal from Oakland, California, tried to convince a judge Friday that city officials fudged a key scientific report to justify enacting a coal-handling ban in the city.

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BREAKING NEWS - Murray Energy Corporation Denounces the United States Senate for Passing a Mockery of Tax Reform

In its just released tax package, the Senate failed to repeal the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax on American employers, and particularly capital-intensive, leveraged employers, such as coal mining companies.

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Jennmar Opens Belt Conveyor Structure Plant in Russell County, Virginia

“We are very excited about the next few years in the coal industry under this government and have great pleasure in opening this plant,” said Executive Vice President and Co-Owner Tony Calandra as he cut the ribbon to mark the official opening.

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