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Rhine Whine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that the developed world’s clean energy leader would likely fail to honor its ambitious emissions reduction pledge.

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Murray Energy Announces that Mr. Todd Adkins has Joined as a VP - Marketing and Sales

Murray Energy Corporation announced today that Mr. Todd Adkins has joined the Company as a Vice President - Marketing and Sales, effective November 21, 2017.

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Komatsu Breaks Ground on New Power Lab Facility

In a move that will accelerate new product development and expand testing capabilities for its industry-leading electric drive solutions, Komatsu today broke ground on a new 23,000-square-foot power lab facility.

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Low and High Economic Growth Cases for China and India

Low and high economic growth cases for China and India

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Wyoming and West Virginia at Odds Over Coal Miner Pensions

Although both states are leaders in the coal mining industry, neither agree on how to protect the future of workers from that industry.

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China Coal & Mining Expo 2017

The Becker Mining Systems Group was represented at this years China Coal & Mining Expo 2017 in Beijing, China, through its subsidiaries Tianjin Becker Electronic Co. Ltd. and Becker Mining Systems China Co. Ltd.

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Other News
Jennmar Opens Belt Conveyor Structure Plant in Russell County, Virginia

“We are very excited about the next few years in the coal industry under this government and have great pleasure in opening this plant,” said Executive Vice President and Co-Owner Tony Calandra as he cut the ribbon to mark the official opening.

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Westmoreland Reports Second Quarter and First Half 2017 Results

Westmoreland Coal Company today reported revenues of $323.0 million from 11.0 million tons sold.

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