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Jennmar to Offer EcoVent Equipment Doors



March 5, 2017 - Jennmar Corp has entered into an agreement with American Mine Door (AMD) to be the sole and exclusive US distributor of its EcoVent equipment doors for underground mining applications.

The agreement is for a term of three years with a three-year option. Jennmar stated that this alliance with American Mine Door expands its mine ventilation offerings which now include metal stoppings, man doors, foam packs and equipment doors.

Tony Calandra, executive vice president of Jennmar, remarked: “This was a logical next step in our efforts to expand the range of our ventilation products for the mining industry and we are very pleased to be able to offer a safety-oriented, quality product from such a reliable company as AMD.”

Traditional mine doors require miners to open one wing at a time. The EcoVent doors use a patented opposing wing design for easy operation. Door wings are connected so when one wing is opening the other wing also opens simultaneously in the opposite direction. This design utilizes equalized air pressure to assist the door in opening and closing with little effort. Doors will not slam closed, radically reducing the potential for injuries. The air pressure is doing the work instead of the miner, creating a safer work environment for the mine employee. 

In addition, a corrugated wing design is used to minimise weight, maximize strength, and keep pricing affordable. A superior hinge design is used with each pivot point having a bearing surface. This improved heavy-duty design will require minimal maintenance with years of service.


EcoVent equipment doors are easy to install and move around, and can be re-used repeatedly, providing years of service. Its lightweight design makes disassembly just as simple as assembly. Customers have the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of options and customization for greater safety and efficiency. 


American Mine Door's EcoVent equipment doors