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Wind and Solar Exposed



By Craig Rucker


July 8, 2017 - Wind and solar are anything but clean or Green.

They are certainly not free. 

That goes for any energy source people would never choose absent government subsidies and coercion.

CFACT senior policy advisor Paul Driessen blows the lid off politically correct energy with his usual compelling scholarship at

Wind, solar, biofuels and the rest are far better at generating government subsidies than they are at generating power. 

Warren Buffett famously told his investors that building wind turbines, for instance, "make no sense without the tax credit."

Fortunes are being made off all this government largesse, while these inefficient, yet politically favored boondoggles get a pass on the birds and bats they kill.  Their environmental impacts are ignored.

So-called "renewables" are the government dependents of the energy world.  Every installation that goes up locks in higher costs that tax and ratepayers can ill afford.

It's time to cut out the subsidies and force wind, solar and the entire politically correct energy pantheon to compete in a free and fair market. 

Markets are efficient.  Government is not. 

That goes triple when it comes to energy.