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Department of Energy Makes Positive Prediction About Coal Industry



By V Saxena

August 11, 2017 - The US Energy Information Administration, a part of the Department of Energy responsible for the collection and analysis of energy information, delivered some amazing news to the coal industry this week.

“Coal-fired power plants are expected to be the leading source of U.S. electricity for the next two years, as the cost of coal is expected to rise by less than the cost of natural gas and renewable generation continues to grow,” announced EIA acting administrator Howard Gruenspecht, according to the Washington Examiner.

Because of “higher coal exports and more coal-fired electricity generation,” domestic coal production is experiencing a “boost,” he added.

In fact, while coal-produced energy made up 30 percent of the nation’s total electricity output last year, it’s expected to make up 32 percent in the second half of the year.

There’s one tiny caveat: The public’s demand for electricity is projected to drop, which will affect coal production slightly but not too much — mainly because of increased exports.

“U.S. electricity generation is expected to decline in 2017 for the third year in row, as forecast milder temperatures in the third quarter compared to the same period a year earlier reduces electric cooling demand,” Gruenspecht explained.

Wait a minute. Now think about this. The left loathes coal because of its alleged effects on the climate.

“Coal is a dying industry, and for good reason,” reads a report by Greenpeace on “(w)hy we must quit coal.” “Emissions from burning coal for heat and energy fuel global warming, making coal the single greatest threat to our climate.”

Yet “milder temperatures” are causing a reduction in energy consumption that’s reportedly affecting the energy industry. And if it weren’t for such strong demand for U.S. exports, coal would be suffering a notable decline.

It looks therefore like the news out of the EIA is a double blessing for the coal industry.

Not only are coal exports rising, which means the need for more domestic coal production, but the Earth clearly isn’t overheating, which means the anti-science left has one less reason to oppose the coal industry.


Oh well. Could anyone have expected that?