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National Mining Hall of Fame Seeks Nominations


November 2, 2017 - Telling the story of mining, its people, and its importance to the American public, the only federally chartered National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum (NMHFM), located in Leadville, Colorado is seeking inductee and Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award nominations for our 31st Annual National Mining Hall of Fame Induction Banquet.


The National Mining Hall of Fame (NMHF) is home to 240 inductees (most recently Dr. Thomas V. Falkie, Leonard Harris, Dr. Vincent E. McKelvey, & Gordon R. Parker) whose work in the industry have significantly advanced America’s quality of life through their contributions in areas such as, but not limited to,  business acumen, ore body discovery, education, mine rescue/miner safety, technological innovation, environmental stewardship, reclamation, social justice/corporate responsibility, and governmental policy.   There are two requirements for induction:  1) Inductee candidates must have had personal impact upon the mining industry for 30 years or more 2) Inductee candidates must be at least 55 years of age.   Inductee candidates may be nominated while still living or posthumously.


If you have knowledge of an exceptional candidate that should be considered for induction into the NMHF and meets the outlined qualifications,  please submit a letter of nomination and supporting documents including, at a minimum, the following information:


  • Date of the nomination.


  • Nominator’s contact information including phone number and email.


  • Full name of individual being nominated and preferred name/nickname known by.


  • Date and place of birth; if the individual is deceased, include a copy of the obituary if possible.


  • Nominated individual’s contact information specifically personal phone numbers and personal email or if deceased, a family members contact information.


  • Military service/honors.


  • Universities from which the nominated individual graduated and/or from which he/she received honorary degrees.


  • List prior awards/recognition, if any, the individual has received.


  • Endowments/university chairs/ awards named in their honor.


  • A letter of nomination (narrative) summarizing the significant and lasting impact the individual has had on the mining industry.


  • Include supporting documents in the form of articles, names of technical papers and books, company documents, etc., that add to our knowledge of the nominee’s contributions to the mining industry.


  • Additionally, include a digital high definition, preferably color, photo of the individual. A head-and shoulders shot is preferred.


Submit requested information by December 31, 2017, to: Barb Filas, NMHF Board of Governors Chair, via email to


Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award


Along with inductions to the NMHF, The Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award is presented annually to an entity (individual, foundation, museum, corporation, or other entity) that has demonstrated a continuing commitment and successful efforts to educate the public on the importance of the minerals and mining industry to the American public. The award recognizes ongoing, innovative work educating the general public, lawmakers, students, educators, and other audiences about the importance of the mineral and mining industry to our everyday lives.


To submit a nomination for the Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award, send a cover letter and supporting documents by December 31, 2017, to: Jackie Dorr, NMHF Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award Committee Co-Chair via email to


The letter of nomination should include: 


  • Date of the nomination.


  • Nominator’s contact information including phone number and email.


  • Individual/organization/program name.


  • Contact information for the individual or entity being nominated.


  • A summary narrative detailing the program, activities, and successes of the individual and/or entity being nominated in educating the public about the necessity of mining to our everyday lives.


  • Include brochures and materials that convey the purpose and target audience of the program along with samples of media coverage, testimonials, or other materials that evidence the quality and benefits of the programs.


For more information on the NMHF and prior honorees, please visit