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PBE Technologies to Commercialize Remote UG Coal Mining Technology



By Paul Moore

January 12, 2018 - PBE Technologies has developed what it believes to be a unique, innovative, patented, highly disruptive mining technology – a technology that will change the way coal is mined throughout the world – the PBE Mining Process. PBE is a remote controlled UG mining technology that utilizes military standard inertial navigation & guidance systems integrated with advanced positioning and situational control systems.


The key components are a continuous miner guidance system; remote control management system; gamma detection of coal seam and stone interface; and flexible conveyor system with “follow the leader” control capability, such as the image here showing the Flexiveyor Continuous Haulage System manufactured and supplied by PMP in Saskatoon, Canada.

“The company’s objective is to finalize and demonstrate the commercial scale implementation of its technology in a mining operation – and then license the technology to coal mine owners/operators throughout the world in return for receiving a royalty on the tonnes mined by utilizing the PBE Mining Process. A substantial investment has been made into the PBE Mining Process and its related enabling platform technologies over 20+ years.”

In September 2017, Underground Extraction Technologies (UXT) and the Cline Group, finalized an agreement to advance UXT’s patented mining technology Penetrated Block Extraction (PBE). PBE Technologies Pty Ltd (PBET) & PBE Mining Pty Ltd (PBEM) were formed as the companies which will advance the PBE technology.

PBET will be responsible for the management of licensing and supporting the PBE technology & the ongoing technology advancement, whilst PBEM will be responsible for the operations and management of the Technology Demonstration Project, and any other contract opportunities that are undertaken.

PBE Technologies is now at the stage of taking the business platform to full commercial application of the PBE Mining Process, and thence to the commencement of implementing the technology licensing arrangements with industry operators.


Michael Mapp, Director, worked with CSIRO to develop UG mining guidance systems and automation leading to the design and implementation of the INS units in a highwall mining application – which evolved into the LASC system currently utilized in all modern automated longwall operations. The other Director Brian McDonald held former roles including Managing Director of Vale Australia, Managing Director of AMCI Australia, Coal Group CEO of MIM Holdings, and Senior Executive within the Thiess Group.