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National Coal Strategy for South Africa



February 9, 2018 - The Chamber of Mines Coal Leadership Forum, consisting of coal executives, commissioned a report to determine what needs to be done to increase the profile of the coal mining industry in the face of seemingly ineluctable negative public opinion around the use of coal in industrial processes.

Ensuring that South Africa remains competitive and able to meet energy demands in the context of a developing economy, while at the same time reducing the country’s carbon emissions will require close collaboration between all stakeholders including suppliers, users of coal and regulators. Coal is the most variable and valuable chemical of all mineral commodities. It should be protected, nurtured and used wisely.

Coal Strategy 2018 (PDF)

Executive summary: Coal Strategy 2018 (PDF)

Speaker notes: Coal Strategy 2018 at Mining Indaba 2018 (PDF) - Your Foremost Source for Coal News