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Too Much Ado About CO2?



By Craig Rucker

May 16, 2018 - Global warming researchers rely heavily on computer simulations to bolster their alarmist claims.


The trouble is the real world doesn’t operate like the one of doom-and-gloom they’ve fancifully crafted.


Climate scientists Judith Curry and Nicholas Lewis recently pulled-back-the curtain and exposed their hype once again. The acclaimed scientists just published an important new paper in The Journal of Climate that concludes, "climate models are inconsistent with observed warming during the historical period."


In calculating their figures, Curry and Lewis take into account historical atmospheric and ocean temperature trends since the mid-19th century. What did they find?

Namely that UN’s climate models are running hot … exaggerating any potential future warming by a hefty 30-45 percent!

This is important.  The climate models the UN relies on to demand control of our energy and economy are greatly out-of-whack.  Many warming folks take the UN's most extreme temperature scenarios and deliberately use them to project extreme weather, radically rising sea levels, polar bear perils and a host of other plagues that exist only in the realms of their computer simulations. 

Reality, fortunately, is not kind to the climate campaign.

The climate is incredibly complex.  It also appears to be far more stable, and less sensitive to CO2 than we have been told over and over again.

Thank goodness for scientists like Curry and Lewis who are brave enough to enter the dark world of the climate change Matrix and bring us back the truth. - Your Foremost Source for Coal News