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Two More Global Warming Myths Debunked



By Craig Rucker

June 10, 2019 - Nary a day goes by without global warming campaigners attributing a natural, totally unavoidable weather event, to climate change.  This is invariably accompanied by a demand for power.

Recently, Team Warming declared a Japanese heat wave to be our fault.  They did this by putting  their thumbs on the scale of a a computer model.  They added a degree for good measure.  The whole thing is bogus.

Check out the facts at

Objective data show the frequency of high temperature records has declined or, at worst, remained unaffected since the early 20th century. So claiming global warming must have been responsible for Japan’s July 2018 high temperature records defies objective data trends. 

Not to be outdone, WebMD ran an article claiming that global warming will "cause food sources to dwindle."  Equally bogus.

Larry Bell shreds this nonsense at

Key claims of the medically-muddled meme are that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing more frequent severe weather conditions to occur (which isn’t happening); that warmer temperatures will somehow inhibit agricultural production (which is totally bewildering); and that increased atmospheric CO2 levels are detrimental to plant growth (which is entirely nonsensical).

Today's weather, extreme, tame, or average, is entirely historically normal.  The media should discontinue its practice of attributing hot days and extreme events to climate change, while dismissing cold days and benign conditions as mere weather. 

Weather and climate are not the same.  Anyone claiming otherwise is selling something. 


Something we shouldn't be forced to buy.