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Marc Morano Slams Climate Myths at Pennyslvania State House



November 4, 2019 - Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that he wants his state to join a nine state cap and trade plan called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Carbon taxes?

This is a mistake that will threaten Pennsylvania's energy and business and cost taxpayers dearly — All while not altering the temperature of the Earth in any detectable way.


House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe held a hearing in response and invited CFACT's Marc Morano to testify.

If you ever wondered why climate campaigners fear Marc Morano enough to demand he be silenced, check out this rapid fusilade of facts:

"The UN IPCC is an organization that has been accurately called a political body masquerading as a science institution... let's take a look here at how 'settled' climate science is:

    - Climate change caused more rain, according to a study in the journal Nature, it also causes more rain, but less water.

    - Climate change causes less snow, according to an IPCC UN scientist, but it also causes more snow.  They changed that when we had record snow here on the East Coast, within a couple of years of 2010 that decade became the snowiest on record and then everyone started talking about, 'did we say less snow? No, climate change causes more snow.'

    - Climate change causes Antarctica to lose ice, it also causes Antarctica to gain ice.

    - Climate change causes dull autumn leaves, but it also causes more colorful autumn leaves. 

    - Climate change makes for saltier seas, but climate change also makes for less salty seas.

    - Climate change increases the spread of malaria, but it also decreases the spread of malaria.

    - Dengue fever will increase with climate change, but can also decrease with climate change.

    - The U.S. will see more lightning strikes thanks to global warming, but actually lightning strikes may drop.

    - San Francisco will get foggier summers, San Francisco will get less foggy summers.

    - Hurricanes will increase due to climate change.  Hurricanes will be less according to climate change.

Opposite predictions, no wonder Governor Wolf is confused."

You can watch this potent exchange and others at CFACT's Climate Depot.

Here's Marc's take:

This was a wild climate hearing. Invited witnesses comparing climate skeptics to Holocaust deniers, racists and there were tin foil hat protestors, legislators speaking out of turn, a warmist legislator walking out and my testimony being interrupted by my fellow testifiers at the hearing! This is the first time I have been heckled at a hearing by a fellow invited witness! Prof. Marinov, who heckled me during my testimony, was wound up and downright discourteous. Hopefully my testimony and the testimony of Kevin Dayaratna of The Heritage Foundation, Climatologist Dr. David Legates and Geologist Gregory Wrightstone, helped educate Prof. Marinov on the realities of climate change.

I want to personally thank House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe for the opportunity to speak. Chairman Metcalfe conducted a great hearing and would not allow the rabble-rousers to take over. Kudos.

Open and honest discussion of the facts on climate are invariably inconvenient for the global warming narrative.

If team warming had the merits they'd have nothing to fear.

They're terrified.