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Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance Honor Mines

November 21, 2019
- A pair of coal operations are among 11 companies honored by the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance at its fall meeting.

Ramaco Resources Land Holdings and Norton Coal Company each were honored for their work during the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance’s 48th annual Fall Meeting and “Excellence In Mining Awards,” recently at the Russell County Government Center in Lebanon.

Ramaco received an award for best active preparation plant which the VCEA said is well kept and the load out, deep mine and refuse facility are all in close proximity to the plant. The permitted area consists of 41.94 acres.

Ramaco also received the best refuse disposal award for an operation in Tazewell County. Norton Coal Company was honored for best stewardship in mining and reclamation. “This is a reclaimed surface mine with 551.30 acres permitted. All ponds, sumps and structures are well maintained. The reclamation efforts by Norton Coal Company LLC demonstrate excellent land stewardship,’ the award said.

Additional awards presented included those for AML enhancement, best active surface mine, best completed surface mine, best completed deep mine, best forestry reclamation approach, best active deep mine, best completed fill, best active prep plant and a 15-Year Legacy award.

Jerry Mullins, vice president of Government Affairs and Coalitions for the National Mining Association, gave an update on legislative issues in Washington D.C. and the current state of the 2020 presidential election cycle. VCEA Government Affairs Director Clark Lewis gave an overview of state election results and legislative issues. VCEA Assistant Director of Environmental Affairs Patrick Fanning provided an overview of federal and state environmental topics.

The membership also heard from Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy Deputy Director Butch Lambert on mine safety and DMME issues.

Cody Mumpower, from 9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith’s office, was also in attendance.

Excellence in Mining Awards presented and saw the VCEA Legacy Award go toParamont Coal Company Virginia, LLC, in Russell County.Contour, steep slope and auger mining techniques were used to remove the coal on this site. Mining began in 2002 and was completed in 2004. The trees have been planted for more than 14 years. Thanks to successful reclamation, the mine site is now part of the surrounding forest. Rick Altizer is the DMME inspector.

Additional excellence awards presented were as follows:

Best AML Enhancement: Savage Services Corporation, Looney Creek Gob Pile Removal, Wise County. The company recovered coal from the gob pile. Through the AML enhancement project, Savage Services Company recovers waste coal from the gob pile and uses proceeds from those coal sales to offset the cost of the reclamation. The company is a major supplier for Dominion’s Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center. John Jones is the DMME inspector.

Best Active Surface Mine: Russell County Reclamation, LLC, Russell County. Heather McDonald-Taylor is the DMME inspector.

Best Completed Surface Mine: Paramont Reclamation, LLC, Wise and Dickenson counties. This permit consists of 739 acres with 11 seams mined. The permit was mined using surface auger and surface contour methods. Backfilling and regrading of the entire site are complete. John Boyd is the DMME inspector.

Best Completed Deep Mine: Paramont Contura, LLC, Wise and Dickenson counties. The permitted area consists of 47.75 acres that have been reclaimed. The site mined the Norton seam with the room and pillar method. John Boyd is the DMME inspector.

Best Forestry Reclamation Approach: Red River Coal Company, Inc., Wise County. The permitted area consists of 2,324.84 acres that have been reclaimed using the forestry reclamation approach. John Clevinger is the DMME inspector.

Best Active Deep Mine: Buchanan Minerals, LLC, Buchanan County. The permitted area consists of 801.65 acres. The operation is well maintained and has an excellent compliance record. The operation consists of a long wall mining operation, preparation plant, refuse disposal and load out. Lail Deel is the DMME inspector.

Best Completed Hollow Fill: Red River Coal Company, LLC, Wise County. The permitted area consists of 827.81 acres. Hollow Fill G contains 3.7 million cubic yards. The fill was completed on April 20, 2016. John Clevinger is the DMME inspector.