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The UN's Back At It



By Craig Rucker

December 3, 2019
- It's December and that means the big UN climate conference is back.

COP 25, as the conference is called this year, is taking place in Madrid, Spain. COP 25 represents the UN's latest attempt to strip sovereign nations of their economic freedoms to prevent the so-called "climate crisis."

Yet, never fear! CFACT will be there in Madrid, exposing the UN's radical agenda for the world to see - and confronting the alarmist spokespeople in the heart of the UN lion's den.


CFACT is the preeminent organization defending freedom in the UN climate process and exposing dangerous agendas both real and hidden.  We have developed a unique expertise going all the way back to the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and beyond.  We are proud to be your eyes, ears and voice on an issue that has grown so vast.

The COP was originally scheduled for Santiago Chile, but had to be rescheduled because of rioting over the high costs of transportation that came from Chile's radical renewable energy mandates. That's right, the UN's climate conference had to be rescheduled because Chile pursued the very policies the UN calls for in their climate action plans.

This year's UN climate conference is of particular importance as U.S. membership in the Paris Climate Accord hangs in the balance.  Last month President Trump served formal notice of U.S. withdrawal which will take effect next year.  The President's Democratic opponents appear united in their intention to rejoin the Paris Accord if one of them is elected.

Every year there is a huge global warming media push prior to and during the UN conference.  This year is no different, with perhaps a harder edge, as global warming proponents go over the top to try and add drama to their narrative, hoping to drive the U.S. back into the fold.

Marc Morano posted an article just today at CFACT's Climate Depot on attempts to "rebrand" climate change as something more dire, such as "climate collapse," or "scorched Earth."  Ironically climate change itself is a rebranding from the earlier term "global warming."

This rebranding is another attempt by the press to scare the public by hyping natural weather events. These claims fall apart when dissected by the science.

Climate scientist Dr. Judith Curry posted an extensive discussion that is well worth your time to check out.  Here's an excerpt:

“For the past three decades, the climate policy ‘cart’ has been way out in front of the scientific ‘horse’. The 1992 Climate Change treaty was signed by 190 countries before the balance of scientific evidence suggested even a discernible observed human influence on global climate. The 1997 Kyoto Protocol was implemented before we had any confidence that most of the recent warming was caused by humans. There has been tremendous political pressure on the scientists to present findings that would support these treaties, which has resulted in a drive to manufacture a scientific consensus on the dangers of manmade climate change.

“Fossil fuel emissions as the climate ‘control knob’ is a simple and seductive idea. However, this is a misleading oversimplification, since climate can shift naturally in unexpected ways. Apart from uncertainties in future emissions, we are still facing a factor of 3 or more uncertainty in the sensitivity of the Earth’s temperature to increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We have no idea how natural climate variability (solar, volcanoes, ocean circulations) will play out in the 21st century, and whether or not natural variability will dominate over manmade warming.”

As Dr. Curry points out, climate campaign organizations and the media are running a series of scare stories that have no justification in science.  This serves only the interests of those seeking to profit from huge climate expenditures, or those on the Left seeking to use climate to push us towards Socialism.

Spain's Socialist Prime Minister, who was eager to bring the COP from Chile to Spain, said this about climate policy: "It must be the lever of change against inequality, it must imply justice and equity," said Sánchez. "Our country has assumed that mandate and is determined to act. Progress, if not sustainable, does not deserve to be called progress."

As COP 25 proceeds, CFACT will offer extensive coverage of what's being said, and the real agendas behind it all.  Check in regularly at and for all the facts as they break.

We also have some surprises in store.  Watch for those as well!