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Saving US Coal - Watch This PowerPoint



By Fred Palmer

December 16, 2019 - The keynote presentation by Dr. Craig Idso entitled “Real World Evidence that CO2 Emissions and Fossil Energy Enhance the Human Environment” presented to the Heartland Institute 13th International Conference on Climate Change at Trump Plaza, July 19 of this year can be found here (PDF). Please open and study the powerpoint as a backdrop for the following:

Craig Idso and I have joined with Bill Reid at CoalZoom with a new initiative and the ultimate deliverable: repealing the EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding highlighting coal use as the vehicle and Champion that it is and will be. How do we do that? We bring Craig’s fulsome message of humanity thriving because of CO2, not in spite of it, to EPA as the seminal reason for repeal. At the same time, we educate the White House, Congress and civil society of the compelling proposition that Craig shows us.

Craig’s research and presentation demonstrate that the world is a better place for humans, the biosphere and all living things caused by always increasing CO2 in the atmosphere. Of course, this occurs through the widespread use and enjoyment of coal, oil and natural gas by the ever- growing human community on earth.

The only fossil fuel hurt by the Obama EPA Endangerment Finding has been, is and may be, coal. By contrast, both oil and natural gas production have flourished since 2009, CO2 Endangerment notwithstanding. Coal plants have been closed; drilling for oil and natural gas has flourished. All, of course, produce CO2 when used, but only coal takes it on the chin time after time with continuing plant closures. Myriad coal industry and DC based trade association efforts in defense of coal have done nothing to stop this, as closures inexorably continue.

The catastrophic result over the intervening years has been a 50% cut in coal use for US electricity production since the Obama EPA Endangerment Finding went into effect. Absent a change in EPA policy to think this trend will abate and stop ignores the stark history and is whistling past the coal plant grave yard. And the pundits are many who say it will not stop; using the prolific PRB as an example, one forecast just this week says 2030 production will be at 1980 levels, well under 200 million tpy.

Worse, the Green Left is now joined by the Democratic Party and Bloomberg, presenting a clear and present danger of going to near zero coal use for electricity generation by 2030. But if we repeal CO2 Endangerment, utility ongoing efforts to “decarbonization” no longer provides a business reason to close in coal plants: strong efforts to resist further closures will have a strong legal basis for success.
Look closely at the attached presentation by Craig last Summer and ask yourself how life-giving coal electricity and CO2 from coal combustion could be demonized and portrayed as life threatening by politicians. What motivates politicians like Gore, Obama, plus all candidates for President in the Democratic Party and now Mayor Bloomberg?

As President Nixon once commented: “always follow the money”. Add to that always growing the government in Washington, DC.

Join with us by contributing money in “Saving US Coal” so we can take Dr. Idso’s video (now under preparation) describing eloquently the blessings from the industrial evolution of the human community through coal to EPA. It is a message for all people and all seasons, and it will turn back CO2 Endangerment.

Fred Palmer